I am looking to trade for a Ruger Gunsite Scout Rifle
I have for trade the following:
Customized Marlin 1895 GBL 45-70 govt. xs ghost ring sights and scout rail. Shell holder and butstock pouch, Leatherwood scout scope 2-7x magnification. 300 rounds of factory ammo. Lee classiic reloader kit.
Marlin 795 .22lr with two magazines (10 rd & 25 rd) 500rd CCI rounds, never fired
M6 scout rifle.22 LR 410 combo in stainless steal
Smith and Wesson Governor 45 colt/ 45 ACP / 410 with 50 rods of each.
Springfield 12ga single shot break action shot gun.
I will send you pictures of any gun you are interested just text 913-three seven zero - 5300 Chad