BRAND NEW BTI Bow String Stopper. The stop rod is equipped with a soft rubber cushion that absorbs the impact of the string leaving your bow much quieter at the time of the shot.

The BTI string stopper eliminates vibration and noise upon contact with the rubber stopper.
The BTI fits many bows----adjustable from 4 7/8" to 7 3/4". It comes with 2 set screws for brace height adjustment and a standard 5/16-24 bolt for mounting in the rear stabilizer hole.
Can be used for right or left handed bows and can be mounted upside down.
Made from lightweight aluminum---weighs less than 4 oz.
Fits many bows...including Mathews, Bowtech, Diamond, PSE, Hoyt, Bear, Martin and Parker.
Installation instructions included....mounts in less than 1 minute
Made in Indianpolis , IN....USA!!!!

Available in matte black, camo or I can add a custom finish to match your rig.

Matte black is $30 and camo is $35. I will ship for an additional $5 to your door....includes tracking info. PAYPAL ACCEPTED.

Hundreds sold on Ebay. For bulk purchases...special rates apply.