Have two brands of 9mm Luger self defense ammo I am offering for sale. Self defense ammo is of the highest quality with a single purpose, and that is to stop an intruder with the first shot. .38 special and 9mm together with .380, .32 ACP, etc. have had a reputation for needing more than one shot to stop someone intent on doing you harm. It was for that reason that the various ammunition manufacturers created ammo that was intended to do what you wanted it to, i.e. stop an intruder with the first shot, assuming it was well placed.

This isn't ammo to go plinking with unless you are rich. Practice with the cheaper FMJ ammo and dry fire your gun, practicing your draw, aim, and fire techniques. When you are done practicing, this is the ammo to leave in your home self defense gun or in your concealed or carry gun. This is the ammo you will want when that important moment comes along when your life or someone else's life is in jeopardy and needs protecting.

We have one box of each of the following:

Cor-Bon High Velocity +P 125 grain JHP, 20 rounds, $31
Magtech First Defense 92.6 grain, SCHP, 20 rounds, $25

Please note the Cor-Bon is +P and can only be used in guns suitable for +P ammo

Handgun ammo can only be sold to individuals 21 years of age or older.