Marlin Model 1894 - .44 Mag. / .44 Spl., cal., Model 1894 with addition of cross bolt and hammer block safety, 20 in. barrel, 10 shot tube mag., adj. sights, straight grip walnut stock and forearm, 6lbs. Manufactured in 1983. Hot Flash refinishing done in 2013 cost $199.00.

The Marlin Model 1894 is a lever-action repeating rifle introduced in 1894 by the Marlin Firearms Company of North Haven, Connecticut. At its introduction the rifle came with a 24-inch barrel and was chambers a .44 Magnum. Rechambered variants remain in production today.

Marlin produced its first lever-action repeating rifle as the Model 1881, made for powerful hunting rounds. This was followed by the model of 1888 which was a top eject action like the 1881 with several improvements, most important was the incorporation of a locking lug locking the breach. It was chambered in the WCF (Winchester centerfire) family of cartridges originally developed for the Winchester 1873 rifle, 44WCF, 38WCF & 32WCF also known as the 44/40, 38/40 & 32/20. The Model 1889 that followed was the first lever action rifle to have a solid top with side ejection of spent cartridges. This model was chambered for the same cartridges as the 1888. Design improvements to the Model 1889, such as a one-piece trigger and a two-piece firing pin to prevent the rifle from firing unless the finger lever was fully closed or if the locking lug were missing, resulted in the Model 1894. Additionally, the finger lever lock of the Model 1889 was eliminated on the Model 1894 and replaced by a latch built into the lever itself.