CAV15 MKII Fully Populated AR15 Lower Receiver, Zombie Green, $129 plus tax.

Product Description
Fully populated CAV15 includes carbine buffer, Carbine buffer spring and complete lower part kit installed. This is a Polymer AR-15 lower with lifetime warranty. Includes take down pins, MILSPEC trigger group, buffer, and buffer spring installed and tested.A1 Length Integral Stock (5/8" shorter than A2) with sling loop. 13" Length of Pull. Receiver weight (complete) is 1 full pound lighter than a complete aluminum receiver with an A2 stock.

Wider magazine well accepts unmodified, submachine gun magazines in pistol calibers. With caliber conversion upper receivers and magazine blocks, standard AR15 magazines can be used without modifications. As well, any M16 magazine can be used with easier reloading than aluminum receivers.
It has a longer service life, as Nylon6 resists impacts and wear better than aluminum. The integrated buffer tube, pistol grip and fixed stock give this design its strength.