For Sale: Silencers Cheap!!!! Using Eforms NOW!! Reduced wait time!!! 5.56MM / .223 or 7.62MM / .308 or .22LR

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Saturday, April 12, 2014
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We have silencers for .22LR that start at $145.00, silencers for AR-15's/5.56 calibers that start at $425.00, and 7.62mm silencers that start at $499.00. We are now using ATF's new Eform system and it has reduced the wait time from 10 months to 3-5 months. Hurry and get yours before the wait time gets bumped back up. Our prices are typically below MSRP and we have silencers that can fit anyone's budget. Military is welcome to purchase suppressors as long as you are PCS in Oklahoma. If you chain of command allows it you can take these on deployments since we know that only the "cool guys" get them issued. You never know this could be the piece of equipment that helps save your life or someone else. It helps reduce recoil, keeps your situational awareness, and reduces your muzzle signature when you fire. These are just a few reasons that they could benefit a combat soldier. I sale all major brands of silencers so if you have a special request just ask. It is now legal to hunt with silencers in Oklahoma so get one before the wait gets longer. Anyone who can buy a handgun should be able to qualify for a silencer. I will complete all paperwork for you and make the transfer a smooth and easy process. If you decide to put your suppressor in a trust which I recommend, I can assist you with the process and you won't have to get the CLEO sign off or fingerprints. ATF has proposed to start making trusts also get the CLEO sign off and fingerprints but it is not in effect yet so hurry before the process gets more difficult. Transferable MAC 10 Machine guns typically start at $4500.00 and go up from there. The process for transferable machine guns is the same for silencers, and YES civilians in Oklahoma can own machine guns and you only have to pay the one time $200.00 for the ATF tax stamp when you purchase it. I am an experienced class 3 dealer and if you have any other class 3 or NFA needs or questions please contact me at or by phone at 580-695-8340. Leave a message in reference to what you are calling about if I don't answer and I will call you back ASAP. Thanks.
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