I have a Romanian PSL for sale, also known as the ROMAK 3.. This PSL was made in Romania at the CUGIR armory and is stamped on the side of the receiver.

This is NOT a cheap crappy parts kit, this is CUGIR factory manufactured PSL (the one everyone wants) imported by Romarm in Romania.

Chambered in 7.62x54r, the Romanian PSL resembles an SVD-Dragunov but The PSL internal components are a little different. The PSL is based off of the Kalishnikov (AK) design and features a long stroke gas piston, versus the SVD's short stroke gas piston.

Included for the asking price is the PSL rifle, original wood furniture with thumbhole stock, original Belarus LPS scope 4x6, bird cage style flash hider, 2x10 round magazines, and hard plastic case. I will also throw in a few rounds to test it out.

I have recently taken it out to the range and put a few rounds thru without any issues, fully functioning, one of the most accurate rifles in my collection with scope or even just using iron sight (my personal preference)

These are becoming harder to find these days, especially in CA almost non existent. This one is CA compliant with a magazine lock. Im in no rush to sell, sorry not interested in trades.Get it before its banned or gone!