(Antique) 1940's Stevens model 311, 5100 Made by Savage arms Corp. 12 Ga. hammerless, side by side double barrel 2 3/4 chambered,"Tenerite plastic" stock,double triggers,28 inch barrels bright and shiny no pitting or rust,44 1/2 overall length, 7 lbs.

The model 311 started as the Springfield "5000" around 1920 with the model designation changing to "5100" in 1931.Around 1941 it became the Stevens model 311.It was discontinued in 1989 Double barrels were "modified" on the right barrel, and "full choke" on the left side. Up untill 1968 they did not have serial numbers as it wasnt required.Post march 1949 models had date codes stamped between the trigger and barrel hinge pin.In1931 they were marked "5100", around 1941 they were marked as "model 311" .This one has both markings suggesting very early 40's mfg. maybe.This one has an "A" inside a circle,under the barrels on the receiver which would seem to be a "1949" model, but from what i've read on these the "5100" marking wasnt used affter the early 40's.

No it is not a pump shotgun,or chambered for 3" magnums.