The Most Significant Advance in Weapons Operating Systems
in More Than 120 Years!


The only carbines designed and proven to improve control and accuracy.

All traditional firearms share a common problem; they utilize heavy linear operating mechanisms that deliver recoil forces directly into the operator's shoulder. These forces cause the operator to constantly re-acquire his sight picture due to felt recoil shock and the resulting rotational muzzle climb. Newton's 3rd law; run amok.

In other words, if the point of operating a firearm is to put rounds in a specific location, why is it that traditional firearms, no matter how many tricky buffers, springs and pads are deployed, all work against the operator's goal?

The engineers at KRISS USA, starting with a clean computer screen and one goal in mind, have solved this century-old problem by creating the patented KRISS Super V System-the only firearm operating system in the world that actually works with the operator to help put more rounds on target, more of the time. here's how.

The Solution: The Patented KRISS Super V System

With all due respect to Sir newton, the KRISS engineers have been able to use his law to the shooter’s advantage.

Unlike any other firearm ever invented, instead of having all the recoil force slam back into the shooter’s shoulder, causing massive amounts of felt recoil and resultant muzzle climb, the KRISS System absorbs and redirects these forces downward and away from the operator thus enabling him to better control and keep the KRISS firearm on-target. More control equals more rounds on-target, more of the time.

The KRISS mechanism is simple, rugged and reliable and easy to maintain.

Simply said, by absorbing and re-directing recoil forces, the KRISS System provides an absolutely flat operating profile; the firearm stays where you aim it, even when firing a 230gr. .45ACP round at 1,000 rounds-per-minute in our KRISS SMG. In US Army tests, the KRISS generates 60% less felt recoil and 95% less muzzle climb than other competitive firearms.

So, if your goal is more round on-target, isn’t it time you had a firearm that actually worked with you to help achieve your goal?

The Proof: When We Say 'Double-tap In The Same hole' We Mean It.

In addition to our highly acclaimed KRISS Super V Vector SMg for military and law enforcement, KRISS USA is proud to announce two ATF-approved semi-auto civilian carbines; the KRISS Super V Vector CRB/SO and the SBR/ SO. Both are based upon the SMg’s proven rugged milspec design and construction and are the smallest, lightest, most controllable and accurate carbines in the world. here’s what just a few kind folks have had to say about the KRISS family of firearms:

“Represents a new direction for recoil mitigation in firearms design.” American Rifleman

“Best ever SMG!” Guns & Weapons for Law enforcement Magazine

“The CQB weapon of choice!” DiscoveryChannel’s‘FutureWeapons’

“Taking the ‘kick’ out of kickback means fewer errant bullets on the battle- field” Popular Science 100 Best Innovations of the Year

“Extremely easy to keep on target.” American Rifleman

“Recoil was amazingly light—just as advertised—and the red dot never recoiled off-target.” Mike Detty for Police Magazine.

Prove it to yourself

No kidding; to fully appreciate the performance of the KRISS family of fire- arms, you really have to fire them. Talk and words are very cheap in the fire- arms business, and all the talk stops when you pull the trigger and discover something you’ve never experienced before...a firearm that stays where you aim it, no matter how fast you pull the trigger.

We invite you to visit your friendly local KRISS Certified Dealer for a dem- onstration soon. These fine folks have literally gone to school on the KRISS Super V System and know what they’re talking about.

How the KRISS Super V System Actually Helps the Operator

Traditional linear operating systems create forces that actually work against the operator’s ability to put round on-target. These forces create large amounts of felt recoil and muzzle climb; both of which impair the operator’s ability to keep his sight picture. The Kriss Super V design re-vectors these forces down and away from the operator and reduces felt recoil by as much as 60% and muzzle climb by as much as 95%! The KRISS Super V System works with the operator and actually enhances his ability to put more rounds on target, more of the time.

With simple rugged, moving parts, KRISS firearms represent industry- leading, state of the art design, engineering and construction. Because the KRISS Super V System absorbs the recoil, KRISS firearms are the lightest and most compact frame of any firearm in their class. Withmore than 5 years of R&D in cooperation with the US Army ARDEC Picatinny Arsenal, KRISS firearms perform exactly the way we say they do.

Designed for operation and tear-down in the most adverse environments, the KRISS field strips with the removal of 2 simple pushpins and completely disassembles with the use of 2 more pins, requiring no tools.

As a distributor, I can sell these at a discounted price. Come in and order yours, built to your requirements today.

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30 round magazines are now available.

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