This is an original series Kimber Compact Stainless from Kimber's glory days, with the stainless frame, original coco-bolo checkered grips, in original box (with matching serial number), with extra chip mccormick shooting-star magazine. It's also got some three dot night sights by MMC - the tactical type with the adjustment cam. The 4" slide and small officer's frame make for a nice CCW 1911, and the holster is comfy and perfect for AZ use.

It's a very clean much loved 1911 pistol, with less than 50 rounds down the barrel. The matte stainless finish is hard to photograph - but it's not grungy, nor are the roll marks marred - it's just difficult getting the finish to light correct (and I am no pro photographer).

NOTE: The series 1 pistols do NOT have a Schwartz safety, and it is not an alloy frame - the stainless steel frame gobbles up recoil from hot loads - so these are in higher demand now.

Included is a Vintage El Paso Saddlery holster - nice thick leather, natural color, with a suede lining and piped edges. They don't make them like this anymore - and it's designed for a Colt officer's 1911, so it's a perfect fit.

NO TRADES - I need to put some money back in the bank after a recent HK frenzy!

I need to see your license on this sale!