Johnathan Browning Mountain Rifle 50 Cal. In great condition, excellant bore and rifleing, has seen very little use, with a few small marks on brown finish from use.
Has a 30" Octagon barrel, dovetailed front iron sight, adjustable rear buckhorn sight, single set trigger, brass forend, trigger guard, and butt plate. They were made from 1977-1981 in the USA, Mountain Rifles are hard to find due to a limited production run.

The trigger is a rather unique single set trigger. The standard trigger pull should be @ 4 1/2 pounds. The set trigger is activated by pushing the trigger FORWARD and then the trigger pull is reduced. The amount of the set trigger weight is adjustable by the screw behind the trigger, it is adjustable from two pounds down to two OUNCES!

I'll include everything you need to get shooting.