This is one of the nicest 1911A1's you'll ever find.

100% Colt, correct matching grips.

marks on the slide and frame are crisp, clean, and clear.

ABSOLUTELY NO rust, dents, or scratches in the metal. ZERO.

Comes with:
4 magazines, 100 rounds .45 AUTO

The pictures tell the real story, this is the nicest WWII .45 that I have personally ever owned, and selling it really sucks. Uncle Sam says I owe this year, so something gotta go.

Price is negotiable, BEST OFFER. Trades that I'm interested in are below. Cash is KING because of the owe the gov't $$ situation I'm in.


M1 Garands and M1 Carbines
Colt AR, SP1, HBAR, or A2 style (I want something for match shooting)

Trades may include ammo, etc. Value must equal this 1911A1.