Are you ready for a history lesson?

This is a HK91, imported by Springfield Armory with the name SAR-3, just prior to the AWB of '89. This gun was subject to the ban both by name, and by configuration.

Due to that ban, SAR-3's already awaiting customs clearance had to be reconfigured with thumbhole stocks, no flash hiders, and a few other changes. They also had to be re-stamped with a different name.

This was accomplished by having someone actually overstamp the "3" with an "8", BY HAND. That makes this particular gun pretty collectible, as only a couple of hundred exist in the pre-ban configuration.

That's what this is. Pre-ban configured, overstamped SAR-3.

The gun was made in HK's Greek factory, by HK technicians, on HK machines, using HK tools.

It's a HK91 in every single way but name.

It comes with three 20 round magazines and a HK factory sling.

The price is $2500 cash, or $3000 in trade, or some combination of the two.

Visa/MC/Discover accepted, with a 3% service fee.

As always, when you pay cash, I pay the sales tax.

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