AR15 Parts LPK-80% selling as Paper weight. Pistol Buffer kit - $499.00 (Roseville) Still hard to find parts
Build your own AR15 pistol, just need a pistol upper or change out your barrel to a pistol length barrel, CA legal. New CMMG LPK w/grip and a New ACE pistol buffer kit, plus the Tactical machining 80% paper weight. Open to semi auto trades. 495. cash Tib-bits.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>You can make the lower in to a pistol if you can legally purchase one. The pistol will need to meet any state laws that apply. Even though not required by law, it is recommend to mark your lower with the correct info ( including name and where made) in case of thief. An "80% receiver" is not considered a firearm, so it can't be sold as anything other than a piece of metal to you. ( I think TM has a BATF letter here that states it is not a firearm).
Check AR15 .com for more info. Another issue that always come up with a pistol is that many recommend that if you have a AR rifle you need to finish the AR pistol lower before getting a pistol upper because it can be considered constructive intent to make an SBR