Make: Springfield
Model: M1 Garand
Action: Semi auto
Serial number / year: 298156 / 1941
Finish: The finish is in great shape with some normal service use wear.  It is a nice dark color that is fairly uniform over all.  We see NO major cosmetic issues or rust to note.  
Caliber: 30-06
Barrel Length:  24" - SA 7/41 production - The barrel does appear completely original to the rifle.
Bore Condition: Fair -  Clean with light frosting.  The rifling is clearly visible but is very worn.  The muzzle is under a takes the entire gauge to the neck and the throat is a 4+.  (Still a nice original WWII barrel!)
Stock/grips: The stock, hand guard and forend appear to be original GI issue.  There is an Ordnance Dept. stamp on the left indicating this stock was replaced when the rifle was rebuilt in a968.   We see some typical handling wear with a couple dents on the left to note.   We do not see any cracks, breaks or repairs.  
LOP: 13"
Magazine capacity: 8 rounds
Notes: The firearm as pictured is the one for sale in this listing and the one you will receive.  Garands with original WWII barrels are getting harder and harder to find.  The rifle is marked on the receiver that it was rebuilt in 1968 but retains the original barrel.  The rest of the parts are a mix of various generations of parts but everything appears to be SA marked.  This one should make an ok shooter but would be great for a full restoration project.