U.S. Rifle M1 Garand, caliber .30-06, made by International Harvester about 1954. This rifle has a stained hardwood, possibly birch, stock, a good clean bore with sharp rifling and is in very good condition. The action has been glass bedded and a target peep rear sight added. The maker's stamp on the receiver is in the "postage stamp" configuration. The bolt is marked "WRA" and the trigger assembly is stamped "SA". The op rod is marked "IHC" and the barrel is stamped "LMR" with a punch mark and dated 1954. The GI sling is stenciled "MRT Dec 1953". We do not have a muzzle erosion gauge, but as a field expedient, an M2 Lake City ball round inserted into the muzzle (see photo) indicates minimal muzzle wear.