Selling an SKS rifle in a Tapco adjustable stock (Tan) with aftermarket front and rear sights (ring sight),
after market upper receiver cover with tri-rail and bridge (so iron sights can be used even with optics mounted), confingured
to take detachable magazines, along with an oversized magazine release. Also comes with replacement upper receiver cover (original),
10 round fixed magazine (original), 3 Tapco 20 round detatchable magazines, 7 PMag 30 round detachable magazines.
Runs great, very reliable, excellent medium game gun, and great range gun, with suprising accuracy for a 7.62x39
Sorry to say that I am firm on price, due to the price of the upgrades and magazines. Can also sell ammo if interested.
Feel free to contact through the provided email, or throught text a 9o9-for9too-56ate3