Ghost firearms 300blackout 16" stainless ar15 upper with mlok free float handguard and Fortis shift foregrip nickel boron bolt carrier group utg metal flip up sights shell deflector forward assist fully assembled as one piece minus scope foregrip and flip up sights at ghost firearms with primary arms 7.62x39/paid300blk acss 3x etched illuminated reticle scope brand new with box paid  500$ for upper and 290$ for scope will sell them together 700$ OR TRADE FOR ak47 other self defense rifles of similar value or Springfield XD pistol or taurus or Ruger revolver Glock or Smith and Wesson in calibers 7.62x39 9mm .40s&w .45acp 300blk .38 .357 txt 8two8five7five3seven6zero or email you trade or cash offer or questions