Selling a Roth Performance XB3G 12ga Benelli M2 setup for 3-gun or tactical shotgun competitions. Went all in with a new shotgun this year, but was barely able to shoot. Receiver has under 100 rounds though it, the rest of the parts are under 400. Between the receiver, MOA Lightning Lifter, A&S Trigger Guard, and the Ethos latch, this loads incredibly smooth.

Shotgun has the following upgrades:
Roth Performance XB3G receiver
Roth Monotube w/ +2 round extension (12 round tube) Includes 10 round spring and 2nd new 12 round spring
Benelli Ethos articulated latch with Briley EZ oversize both release
Nordic BFB Bolt Handle
4-Briley Black Oxide Extended Chokes (Cylinder, Improved Cylinder, Light Modified, Modified in 3 choke case)
A&S Trigger Guard
MOA Precision Lightning Lifter
MOA Precision Trigger Job (breaks at 3.5lbs)
Ghost Load Mod performed on the bolt for an extra round on the lifter and easier loading
Taran Tactical Oversize Safety; Stippling
Roth Matchsaver shell caddy, QD inserts in stock & foregrip for sling, reduced recoil spring.
Champion 5" 3mm red fiber optic sight

Also includes an extra shim, extra front sight (needs new adhesive) & factory ethos button. I'm willing to ship this to your FFL if out of state. Will need a permit to purchase / carry in state. Let me know if you would like any specific pictures or if there are any questions I can answer.