Included for sale is original, American made, 922R compliant rear stock, upper and lower front hand-guards, and black plastic 922R pistol grip (I believe it to be manufactured by TAPCO,) all removed from 2018 model year WASR10. Never fired, zero wear, in BRAND NEW condition, save for the holes drilled for mounting. Was removed from rifle immediately upon delivery of the firearm. 
*IMPORTANT* what is NOT included: NO GAS TUBE, NO MOUNTING HARDWARE, THIS INCLUDES THE 2 SCREWS TO ATTACHT THE STOCK, METAL RETENTION SPRING PLATE ON LOWER HANDGUARD, AND BOLT FOR PISTOL GRIP. This is the wood ONLY, and is priced accordingly. These will cost you roughly $10, plus whatever the 2 generic screws cost. 

Perfect set for re-staining or modifying to personal taste for any AKM pattern rifle!