This is a perfect condition (less than 150 rounds through it) Assault Weapons of Ohio  built M76 Yugoslavian DRM/sniper rifle. All amtching, milled receiver, 8mm mauser caliber.

8mm is excellent as it is easier to obtain high quality ammuniation than with the 7.62x54R that the other nations were using for their DMRs. 

comes with four extra magazines and the proper yugoslavian pouch, for a total of SIX magazines.

Comes with proper zrak m76 model scope, with eye relief rubber extension and canvas cover.

There's awlasy someone who is going to say "I have $700 CASH RIGHT NOW". Let's examine the lowball offers on the basis of price.

Let's break down the price, okay?
AWO is selling these for $1400
shipping is about $50
tax in nevada is about $110
FFL fee will be anywhere from $25 - $40
magazines sell for $65 - times four is $260
The magaziine/maint/map pouch is abotu $35 right now
background check? $25

that's what it WOULD cost you.

$1875 - $1900 dolalrs, or thereabouts. 

Make your offers accordingly.

Nevad ID is needed, CCW is preferred.