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Since I can only post three pictures in the ad, I have included one overall picture for three of the kits just for your quick viewing, First picture is the Steyr MPi-81, second picture is the Suomi M31 and third picture is the Suomi M37/39. I have many more pictures of all the kits and I’ll provide them as requested. Most of my parts kits were hand-selected for me since I bought quite a few of them from my suppliers back in late 90s to early 2000s when the best of these kits were being imported, and before the supplies and quality thinned out and dried up.

Beretta 38/44

Bren MarkII

Browning 1919A4




Sterling MK4

Steyr MPi-69

Steyr MPi-81

Swedish Suomi M31

Swedish Suomi M37/39

I no longer put these kits together so I think it's time to let them go to you guys who want to put them together to have a unique piece of arms history. I ship to most locations around the country so email me if you have any questions.