*updated 8/1/19*

Selling rifles from a crate of 20 that I picked up some years ago.

I have multple year, arsenals, reciever types, and even a couple ex-dragoons. Pricing starts at $250

1938 Izhevsk, round reciever, pre-war stock, matching #s - $290 [now 280] [sold]

1938 Tula round reciever, post war stock, matching #s - $290 [now 280] [sold]

1932 Izhevsk, hex reciever, post war stock, matching #s - $280 [now 275][sold]

1927 Izhevsk, hex reciever, matching #s,  ex-dragoon with excellent proof marks - $330 [now 320] [sold]

1929 Izhevsk, hex reciever, matching #s (bayonet matches also), ex-dragoon, balkin scrub. - 300 [sold]

1937 Izhevsk round reciever, no matching numbers, slight damage on barrel, beautiful wartime stock - $250 [now 245] [sold]

1929 Tula, hex reciever, matching#s, post war stock, ex-dragoon with excellent proof marks- $340 [sold]

I also have 20 unopend spam cans of 7.62x54R. Price is $150 ea [16 available]

Also Selling multiple Finnish Mosin Nagants

1939 Tula Fin Capture 91/30: $450 [now 425] [sold]
M39 Sako 1944 built on 1896 reciever:$700 [now 675] [sold]
M39 Sako 1944 built on 1933 reciever: $600 [now 580] [sold]
M39 Plum B Barrel (unissued condition): $800 [now 775] [sold]
M27 Tikka D Barrel:$475 [sold]
M39 VKT 1942 built on 1900 reciever: $550

Yugoslavian Parade Sks Rifle unissed condition $1100 (lots of chromed pieces, original sling, log book, &cleaning kit)

Enfield Sniper - comes with scope, and scope case - in great shape with original tags from import. $3890

call or text REDACTED

Have pictures of all rifles list above. Just ask.

mosin nagant