Yugo 59/66 SKS Custom Shopped Sniper Rifle
This Yugo has had some light modifications to take advantage of it's long range accuracy capabilities.
The 59/66 features a Grenade Launcher with a gas shut off valve which makes it an ideal bolt action rifle for tight long distance shots. It allows it to go from semi-automatic to bolt action with the flip of a button.
This was built to be a sniper rifle for predator / varmints and it does a great job! Of course it has many applications.
Also functions as a semi-auto like normal SKS should, comes with the following modifications, parts, and accessories;

A Cholte cantilever scope mount has been professionally threaded / bolted to the receiver so it gives a solid and stabil calibration and keeps zero unlike the usual dust cover rail scope mounts that move all over the place, we went the extra mile to make sure this was a right and tight tack driver.
Flash Suppressor has been upgraded to a longer more vented brake for less recoil and flash suppression.
Chasis sits in an ATI Stock.
Has the original Grenade Launcher take off Muzzle Brake
Original Bayonett
Fixed box mag (not installed)
SKS International NATO User's Manual
3x Steel 30rnd Mags
2x 40rnd Mags
2x 20 rnd Mags
100rnds 7.62x39 ammo
Plano Case (everything fits in the one case)
High Quality Sling
Williams Rear Sight Assembly Upgrade, New Still in Package
4 Spare Pistons

Selling as a package deal $650 for everything!
I have more pics and happy to answer questions.

****Please don't ask me if I still have it or 3 word emails like 'I'll take it!" etc., if your message has the standard phishing style / lingo in it and no name then I'm not going to reply, this site sucks for that stuff, just let me know you are a real person.
Local Sale Only w/ FFl transfer.
If you can meet me at Rody's Gun Shop in Newport I will pay for transfer. 
Cash No Trades please.