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Thursday, August 21, 2014

FS/FT: WTT/WTS .30 Carbine Ammo
FS: ELEY Edge .22 ammo
FS: 357 SIG Brass, 168 pieces
FS: CCI MINI MAGS 40GR 1600 rounds 22LR
FS: 124gr 9mm SubSonic Ammo
WTB: .308/7.62x51 and HK91/CETME mags
FS: 22 WMR CCI Maxi-Mags (300 rounds)
FT: spam can of 5.45x39 and 750 round of wolf
FS: 525 Rnds Remington 22lr HP Ammo
FS: (9X18) (300win mag) ( 7.62x39)
FT: Trade ONLY - Federal .22 LR 36gr for new 30-rd
FS: spam can 7.62x54 440rds
FS: Wolf Gold 223 55GR FMJ BRASS CASE 20/Box
FS: federal 7.62x39mm
FS: fiocchi 7.62x39mm