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Thursday, October 30, 2014

$ 100
I case (250 shells) of Kent Fasteel 3" 12 gauge #1...
FS/FT: Tons of ammo. 223/556. 45ACP. 30-06. 40SW.
FS: Box of 25 rounds, .45 Long Colt Bullets
FS: for sale
FS: Wolf .223 Remmington 5.56mm 55 grain FMJ 300 Ro
FS: 12 Gauge 3" Sabot Slugs Winchester Supreme Shel
FS: 40 call s&w ammo
FS: Sig 357 ammo or best offer
FS: Hornady XTP .44 Magnum 180-Grain JHP Defense Am
FS: 22 Magnum ammo
FS: CCI mini mags Ammo Can 1600rds 40GR CPRN 22LR
FS: 750 rounds of 9mm ammo
FS: 100 .38 Special
FS: JHP Hallow Point 9mm .40 .45 Gold dots Speer
FS: CCI Blazer & Federal AutoMatch 22LR 40GR
FT: 9mm, 7.62x39 and 7.62x54r for 223/556