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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

this is what i have..once fired... 30/30=98 30/06...
Northern Virginia
FT: reloding brass
FS: Federal Personal Defense 9mm 115 grain hollow p
FS: 1000 Rounds M855 5.56 Green Tip
FS: .223 rem .29cent a rd
FS: .300 Blackout Ammo
FS: Seneca Armory .308 rounds
FS: 500 rounds federal m855 green tip
FS: .22 Aguila SuperExtra Ammo
FS/FT: 380 ACP Barnes Tac-XPD
FS: UTM sim 5.56mm Man-Marker Rounds (paintball)
FS: .223 Wolf Gold 55 gr 1000 rounds
FS: 1000 case Federal 5.56 XM855 62 gr green tip
FS: 1,000 rounds of 22LR (Remington Thunderbolt)
FS: 500 rounds of .308 practice ammo ($.18/rd)
FS: 9mm defense ammo (2 boxes)