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FS: 50 BMG brass once fired
FS: 40 S&W Hollow Points
FS: 7.62x51/.308 Ammo
FS: 880 Rds 7.62x54R in Unopened Spam Cans
FS: Blazer 22LR 500rds
FS: 8 mm Mauser ammo
FS: 30-06 Match ammo
FS: Flip top ammo boxes - BEST OFFER
FS: 44 Special
FS: Sierra 80 grain MatchKing bullets
FS: 6.5x55 -- 200 rounds (wooden training bullets)
FS: .40 S&W 165gr Speer GDHP and .40 S&W 180gr Horn
FS: 45 acp federal hydra shock personal defense hol
FS: .22 lr Ammo
FS: 308 Ammo