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FS: Smith & Wesson Model 17-2 22lr 6in, Pinned & Re
FS: Colt 1991 Series 80 Model O .45 ACP NIB 45ACP 4
FT: Ruger 10/22 Archangel Bull Barrell
FS: Glock 19 Gen 3
FT: Kimber Ultra Carry II
FS: Remington RP9 cal. 9mm
FS: Springfield Armory XDS 45 acp
FS: Sig p220 elite
FS/FT: Savage 11VT 308
FS: Ruger Super Redhawk.44 Mag,9 1/2
FS: Noveske N4 Basic Upper 14.5 Pinned AAC
FS: M&P 9mm performance center with ported barrel
FS: Remington 700 VTR WITH Nikon ballistically matc
FS: PTR91 PTR 91 308 7.62x51
FS: Sturm Ruger MKI