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FS: Ruger Super RedHawk Red Hawk .44
FS: Russian Makarov .380
FS: Gen 2.5 G27
FS: High Standard Crusader Compact
FS: Thompson Encore w/ 4 barrels
FS: EAA Tanfoglio 9mm
FS/FT: SW 1911 E-Series Stainless
FT: Smith and Wesson 36-10 .38 Special +P, Taurus 6
FS: Glock 22
FS: Colt Defender .45ACP - Safe Queen!
FS/FT: Trade for Glock 19. Glock 23c updated stippling
FS/FT: Glock 42
FS: Walther P22 w/ Viridian Laser & AMMO!!!
FS: S&W MP 340 Revolver
FS: Kimber Desert Warrior