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Wednesday, October 01, 2014

FS: Plastic container of 30.06 hand loads
FS: 4 boxes of 30.06 ammo
FS: 5.45x39 HP Steel Case
FS/FT: 820 rounds 40 S&W JHP
FS: 22lr winchester 333rd bricks & Remington 225r
FS: Mosin Nagant & Dragunov 7.62X54R Ammo 440 rds $
FS: The Best AK 47/SKS 7.62X39 Golden Tiger Ammo 10
FS: .223 Ammo 1000rd Silver Bear, Tula, Russian Col
FS: Tannerite Exploding Targets Pro Pak
FS: Winchester Limited Edition WRF 22 rimfire
FS: .22, 9mm, .45
FS: 22lr winchester 333rd bricks
FS: Speer 9mm - 199 rds
FS: CCI #200 Large Rifle Primers
FS: Hornady 30 cal Bullets