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FT: CZ P-01 with 3 mags
WTB: 308 HK Clone(CETME or Century like gun) or FAL
FS: Chinese SKS Barreled Receiver w/ Sights
FS: Walther Model 5 (First Model) .25acp RARE
FT: ak47 underfolder
FS: Lee-Enfield Mk 5, parade model, .308 for sale
FS: Adams Arms 5.45 upper and Ammo for sale
FS: Glock 20 Gen 3 10mm
FS: Remington 700 SPS Tactical .308
FS: Remington 700 SPS Tactical
FS/FT: springfield xd40&xd gear. 450.00
FS: AK47 with add ons for sale. Zastava PAP M92
FS/FT: 700cdl sf Anniversary 30-06
FT: heritaige revolver