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FS: Mosin naggant m44
FT: Gem Stone Collection
FS: American Model of 1878
FT: Gem Stone Collection
FS: Krag Model 1898 .30-40
FS: Chiappa Mares Leg
FS: Colt New Army 1894
FS: Rock Island Arsenal M1903
FS: Starr
FT: FT/FS 1894 Winchester SRC Made In 1895
FS/FT: Colt 38 spl. Police positive model from 1921
FS: French MAS 1936 w/ Bayonet
FS: French MAS 1936
FS: Swedish Mauser 6.5x55mm
FS/FT: 1943 Mosin Nagant PU