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FS: Remington Hepburn
FS: Berthier/St. Etienne M16 8mm Lebel
FS: FS/FT - M44 Mosin Carbine - 1946
FS: One of 500 Made- Uberti Clayton Moore Tribute S
FS: Martini Cadet rifle missing parts gunsmith
FS/FT: AR-15 for sale or trade
FS: Colt Woodsman Series 2
FS: Starr
FS: 1894 Winchester Extra Light Weight Deluxe
WTB: Remington Rolling Block 7mm
FS: Smith & Wesson AR 15
FS: C sharp 4 Barrel "Pepperbox" 22 Derringer
FS/FT: 1898 Marlin 12 guage Pump Shotgun
FS: American Model of 1878
FS: 1947 Model 42 Pump Action Winchester