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FS: LOOK - Smith & Wesson 38 Double Action - 3rd Ed
FS: Winchester 1894 30 cal. W.C.F. Takedown Fancy w
FS: Don't pay a sucker's price for firearms.
WTB: U.S.G.I. Firearms
FS/FT: Double barrel English Shotgun
FS: 22 revolver 9 shot.. Hi Standard
FS: 50 A&E dies and brass
FS: .22 9 shot Revolver, Western Style
FS: Antique Firearms x3
FS: Taurus tcp 380
FS: 1930's Commercial Colt M1911A1
FS: Winchester 1894
FS: Browning Hi-Power 9mm Nickle with Gold trigger
FS: S&W 39-2 9mm
FS: Hand gun