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FS: Turkey Mauser M98
FS: Star 44Cal Dbl Action 1858
FS/FT: inland wwII 30 carbine
FS: 12 gauge shotguns.
FS: Colt Green Label AR-15
FS: Lefever nitro special shotgun
FS: Steyr M1912 with holster, clips, ammo
FS: S&W and H&R break top .38s
FS/FT: 1968 Colt National Match 1911 45acp colletor qu
FS: Walther PPK/S 1994 Vintage
FS: French MAS 1936.
FS/FT: Browning A5
FS: 1894 Swedish mauser carbine.
FS: Mannlicher M1895
FS: 2 break top revolvers