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FS: Lock 26 Gen 4 with Night Sights
FS: Walther Creed
FT: Aero precision ar 5.56
FS/FT: Kimber super carry pro
FS: Tikka t3 Hunter 260 Rem
FS: Sako A7. Synthetic stainless 300 win magsakp
FS: Springfield M1A - Used
FS: Novekse N4 AR-15 Pistol - New
FS: FN AR-15 - New
FS: Uberti Model 1884 Lightning Rifle - Rifle
FS: Kassnar FEG SA-85M Hungarian AKM - Used
FS: Para Ordinance P14-1911 - Used
FS: Nordic Components PCC 9mm AR - New
FS: Sig Sauer P239
FS: Sig Sauer P6 -Used