Seattle Firearms Classifieds

Sunday, December 21, 2014

$ 800
Hungarian Tanker AK 47 variant Crudely painted C...
$ 650
Selling my spare Smith & Wesson M&p 15-22 moe. Ret...
FS: Kimber 1911 Stainless Target II 45ACP 5" Barrel
FS/FT: stainless ruger mini 14
FS: AMD-65
FS/FT: m&p 15-22
FS: Smith and Wesson Sigma SW9VE w/ Custom Stipplin
FS: 1903 .32 Hammerless Colt Pistol and 1908 .25
FS: Mosin M44 Carbine WW2 1945
FS: FS: Interarms AR-15 with Many Extras
FS/FT: Remington 700 custom tactical .308
FS: Zasta M92 PAP w/ brace and more
FS: Rem 870 18.5"
FS: Remington 870 12g
FT: Zastava m92 pap ak47
FS: WW2 M1 Garands Springfield and WW2 Carbines. PR