Reno Firearms Classifieds

Tuesday, September 02, 2014

$ 875
Plainfield M1 30 cal rifle. Has original stock an...

Monday, September 01, 2014

FS: Colt AR 15 SP1 carbine
FS/FT: 10g double barrel
FS: For sale
FS: clean universal 30
FS/FT: Sterling Arms Mark II 380 D/A + ammo
FS/FT: Chinese SKS (custom) + lots of Xtras
FS/FT: Remington 722 .222 Tack driver (sub MOA) + ammo
FS: Bernardelli Model 80 .22LR. Exellent With(2)Fac
FS: Vintage Smith and Wesson Model 49.38spl. Revolv
FS: H&K USP 45 and H&K P-7
FS: Marlin Model 1893 12ga. Pump Shotgun For Cowboy
FS: Marlin Model 1893, 38-55 Cal. Octigon Barrel
FS: AR 15 LMT CQB MRP Piston 16" Upper
FS: Ruger M77 338 Win Mag
WTB: Ruger P90 .45 ACP