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FS: Taurus PT92 w/rail
FS: Vickers Gray rtf2 Glock 19
FT: Norinko 213 w extras rare
FT: Smith and Wesson 686 plus
WTB: Looking a used m&p15
WTB: Looking a used m&p15
FS: Arsenal SL106, 5.56 Nato, mods
FT: Stainless SCCY CPX-1
FS/FT: Glock 23 gen3
FT: Springfield XD
FS: Springfield XD
FS/FT: 1917 Erfurt P-08 Luger
WTB: Glock 19 Gen 4
FS: Kahr CW40
FS: RWC Saiga Izhmash Modern Ak-47 16" 7.62 IZ132Z