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FS: Glock 19 w/ RMR
FS/FT: Smith & Wesson/ Walther SW99 .45
FS/FT: Smith & Wesson 59 like new w/4 mags
FS: FIE TZ75 Series 88 9mm
FS: Glock G21 Pa. State Police commemorative
FS: Taurus PT-145
FS: SIG P229 Elite Stainless 9mm
FS: Glock 26 w/Crimson Trace and Extras
FS/FT: Bodyguard 380 Engraved With Extras
FS: Kahr CW40
FS: Dan Wesson ECO 9mm
FS/FT: dan wesson 357 revolver
FS/FT: hk p30 40 cal v3
FS: Glock 22 rtf2 Mint condition $