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FS: H&K 45
FS/FT: Hi-Point 995ts 9mm Like New
FS: Hi-Point 995ts 9mm Carbine
FS: Remington A3-03
FS: 1917 Eddystone
FS: Savage 502- 22win mag. $310.00 out the door pri
FS: Anschutz-Savage 1415/16 .22 Rifle with Scope. P
FS: Hi-Point Model CF 380. $200.00 out the door pri
FS: HiPoint JHP .45acp $210.00 out the door price
FS: Russian PM 40 Launcher, Price Reduced, Best Of
FS/FT: Pakistan Ordinance Factories MP5k
FS: Spikes Cursader 10.5" Custom Build 223/5.56
FS: CVA Wolf inline .50 cal muzzleloader
FS: Winchester Model 70 Featherweight