Oklahoma City Handguns Classifieds

Friday, July 3, 2015

FS: New Kimber SS Raptor II Model 1911 in a 45 acp
FS: New Smith & Wesson Pro Series Model 1911 in a 4
FS: New Colt CMC Marine M45A1 Model 1911 45acp w/ P
FS: New Colt Defender 1911 in a 45acp 3" barrel, Ta
FS: New Colt XSE Government Model 1911 in a 45acp.
FS: New Smith & Wesson 460V revolver in a 5" barrel
FS: New Smith & Wesson 500 revolver w/ 6.5" barrel
FS: LNIB Colt Cowboy 45LC Revolver, 5.5" barrel and
FS: Sig Sauer 1911 Spartan Molan Labe 4" barrel 45a
FS: New Kimber Warrior Government Style 5" barrel M
FS: New Kimber Gold Combat II Model 1911 45acp pist
FS: New Kimber SS Ultra Raptor II 45 acp Model 1911
FS: Springfield XDS 9mm
FS: Sig Sauer P238 Spartan .380