North Carolina Firearms Classifieds

Thursday, January 29, 2015

FS: Double Diamond Pistols Set
FT: Looking to trade my hk vp9 le model for an ar p
FS: Beretta M9A1 extras
FS/FT: Taurus Pt 99 9mm
FT: glock 17 lnib trade for beretta 92 or storm
FS: xds bi-tone .45 3.3 new in the box
FT: black rain ar15 trade for nice ak
FS/FT: TAG Marine Gladiator rig
FT: Keltec sub-2000
FS/FT: Tristar atac raptor 12 gauge autoloader
FS: Smith & Wesson 686- .357 magnum. new in box
FS/FT: springfield xd 45 tactical witn 5 mags and xd g
FS/FT: Two gun package
FT: Package offer; 2 H&R model 929s
FT: Looking for an AR in 556 or 300 blackout, or 30