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Friday, October 09, 2015

$ 20
I have five boxes of these, 20rds per box. They ar...
$ 115
I have 135rds of this ammo on stripper clips. The ...

Thursday, October 08, 2015

FS: .22 LR Bricks
FS: Wolf .45 ACP 250 Rounds
FS: Igmam 30-06
FS: 7.9/ 8mm
FS: .22 Magnum Ammunition
FS: Tula 7.62x39mm 122gr FMJ 100 Pack
FS: .22 Ammo $40 a brick 500rnd Winchester M22 40g
FS: Hornady 17HMR 17gr V-MAX Ammo (50 Rounds)
FS: Hornady 17HMR 17gr V-MAX Ammo (500 Rounds)
FS: 5.45x39mm Red Army 180Rd Range Pack
FS: PMC .50 Cal BMG 660grs FMJ-BT
FS: Wolf Military Classic 223 Rem FMJ 62 GR 500Rds
FS: Hornady 82732 LeverEvolution 32 Win Special Fle
FS: Federal, American Eagle, 338 Lapua, 250 Grain,
FS: Hornady .17 HMR V-Max Bullets - Rimfire Magnum