New Hampshire Rifles Classifieds

Thursday, July 2, 2015

$ 700
Up for sale/trade is an SKS with an upgraded SGWor...
New Hampshire
FS: DPMS AR-15 With 4 Mags
FS/FT: SKS Bullpup
FS: 1944 izhevsk russian mosin nagant + 20 rounds
FS/FT: Ruger Mini-14 Target
FS/FT: Constitutional Carry please call the Governor A
WTB: Svt-40/38 and mosins
FS: Bushmaster Type 97S
FS/FT: Collector's M44 trade or cash
FS: Hi-Point 4095TSRD Carbine SA 40 S&W 17.5 10+1 S
FS: GSG 522CLB22 GSG-522 Ltwt Carbine SA 22LR 16.25
FS: RUG AR-556 Autoloading Rifle 5.56 NATO 16.1 Inc
FS: DPMS Oracle 5.56
FS: Mossberg MVP Patrol 5.56/.223, 18" Threaded Bar
FS: Olympic Arms K9 AR-15 Carbine Semi-Automatic 9m