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FS: PTR91 HCFR raffle gun
FS/FT: Springfield xds .45 with extras
FS/FT: FDE FNX-45 Tactical with FDE Surefire Light
FS/FT: XDS .45 with extras, laser, holster, night sigh
FS/FT: Colt 1911 lnib
FS: Ruger Mini-14 . 223/5.56 18" heavy Stainless ba
FS: Ruger LCR 357
FS: Bond arms century 2000
WTB: PolyTech Legend AK-47
WTB: Sistema Colt Modelo Argentino 1927 (Argentine C
WTB: USGI parts compatible M1 Carbine
WTB: Winchester M1897 Trench Gun or Norinco 97T (a.k
WTB: M16A1 Retro Build
WTB: WWII U.S. Army Colt M1911A1
WTB: Colt AR-15 SP1