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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

FS/FT: 44 special brass & bullets / 380 ammo
FS: 7.62x39 AP-BT 1000 ROUNDS
FS: Winchester 9mm 115gr. Fmj
FS: 1000 Rounds Winchester M855 Penetrator 62gr Gre
FS: 1000rds PMC 5.56 NATO 62gr LAP Green Tip
FS: 12ga Tack Shot! Steel Tacks and #12 Shot
FS: Aguila Rifle & Pistol Match 22lr Ammo $55 Per B
FS: Hornady 17WSM 20GR V-MAX
FS: 243 ammo Different brands..
FS: 22lr Faster Than A Stinger!! Aguila Supermax 17
FS: 7.62x25 Tokarev Ammo $25 per box of 50
FS: Federal American Eagle .223 Ammo
FS: Hornady 9x18 Makarov Critical Defense Ammo 95 G
FS: SLINGER 12GA BOLO! 2 Slugs connected w/wire