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FS: S&W 3" 1911 Pro Series
FS: S&W 637
FS: 300 black out
FS/FT: Smith & Wesson M&P 15-22
FS/FT: Iver Johnson MOD55
FT: Subcompact XD40 for trade
FS: Stoeger Condor
FS: 25 acp Auto. Bauer/Baby Browning
FS/FT: Mosin Nagant m44 With a Hex Receiver
FS: 1896 Krag Jorgensen Springfield Armory
FS: Zastava 9mm
FS: Springfield 1911 A1
FT: S&W 500 4 inch barrel LNIB for Desert Eagle 50a
FS/FT: Gen 4 g26
FS: New Walther CREED 9MM 4" 16+1 capacity semi aut