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FS: c39v1 For Sale
FS: 1919A4 semi auto belt fed rifle
FS: Wilson Combat CQB
FS: CZ USA Model 550FS 308 Win 20 Inch Bolt Action
FS: Colt Lighting .22 RF 24 Inch Pump Action Rifle.
FS: Sig Sauer Super target stainless 1911 (Rare)
FS: Savage Model 99 in 243 Win 24 Inch Lever Action
FS/FT: Glovk 17 L brigada antiterorista
FS: FEG FP9, Hungarian Variant of Browning Hi-Power
FS: ATI Military 1911 with Factory NiB-X Finish - N
FS: Magnum Research .50AE
FS: Benelli Ethos
FS: TG Romanian FPK/PSL
FS/FT: Taurus 5 shot ultralight 38 Revolver
WTB: ruger m77 338 skeleton stock