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FS: Civil war guns
FS: Rossi for glock?? Really????
FS: 1893 Carcano Military Rifle
FS: Winchester E Series 12 Ga Pump Bottom Eject NIC
FS/FT: Winchester m1 carbine with "a w" code on receiv
FS: 1800-1900's Spring gun
FS: 1946 Russian M44
FS: Mark 12 Enfield
FS/FT: Mint condition glock 22 40 s&w
FS: Harrington & Richardson Five Shot Revolver
FS: WTB: Lionheart LH9 or Arex Rex
FS: Winchester M1 Garand
FS: Marlin 1893 Level Action 30-30
FS: S&W Model 1905 Brinks Security
FS: 1884 springfield