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FS/FT: 10mm Ammo from Underwood and Freedom Munitions
FS/FT: Hornady XTP .38 Special +P
WTB: Centurion Buck-N-Ball 12 gauge
FS: 520 rounds 5.56/.223 ammo
FS: 1100 rounds of AK 74 ammo
FT: AK-47 factory polymer buttstock
FS: Federal .22LR Ammo
WTB: odd ammo, just need one of each
FS/FT: assorted ammo
FS: Winchester, 38 Special, 130gr, USA38APVP, FMJ,
FS: Winchester, 45 ACP, Win Clean, 230gr, BEB, 50 r
FS: Remington .233, 62,gr, CTFB, Closed Tip Flat Ba
FS: Winchester® USA Handgun .45ACP 230 Grain FMJ
FS: 9 x 18 Makarov
FS: Hornady .223 steel match