Kentucky Rifles Classifieds

Tuesday, March 03, 2015

FS/FT: .22 rifle
FT: ATI NATO M855 and an AR15
FS: H&K 416 AR style .22 rifle Great Buy!!
FS/FT: Norinco SKS with 1000 rds ammo
FS: Bushmaster XM15-E2S
FS: Ruger SR 22 Rifle with MBUS, NIB
FS/FT: Browning Abolt Stainless Stalker 30-06
FS: Bushmaster XM15 M4A3 Patrolman
FS: Savage .270 Model 110
FS: Ruger AR-556, Extras
FS: PWA Commando AR15
FS: AR-15 Kit -- Full kits and uppers -- All Anders
FS: Remington R-25 .308 Autoloading Rifle
FS: AR57 5.7x28 upper -- Full upper with 4 mags and