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Saturday, April 19, 2014

FS: 3 BULK BOXES OF 22LR 1525 Rounds total
FS: Bulk. 500rounds of 5.56 ammo Independent/PMC mi
FS: Reloading equipment
FS/FT: Misc. 308 Ammo
FS: 22lr 40GN Solid point unopened case
FS: 5.45x39 Russian 7n6 and Wolf Ammo
FS: Federal HST 147gr Tactical
FS/FT: Once fired brass
FS: 40 Cal Reloading Brass
FS: Shotgun Reloading Lead Shot #2 #4 #6 #8 #9
FS: Remington Bucket of bullets 1400 rounds each
FS: .45 ACP Hornady 185gr Z-Max
FS: Federal M193 5.56 55gr FMJ (Ball) 20 round box
FS: CCI/Speer 9mm Gold Dot HP 124gr - 20 rounds
FS: 5.56 Ammo - Federal American Eagle M193 with Mi
FS: 12ga Target loads/Hunting loads
FS: Remington Kleanbore 30-06 Palma Match 180gr
FS: Vintage Ideal Tool for 38 Special Loads
FS: RCBS Die Sets Weatherby 300 mag 7mm mag Lee 22
FS: Vintage Winchester 45 Gov. Primer Seater